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September 2018

Ouch, this statement did not age well.

This is William Brownfield, then the assistant secretary of state for narcotics and law enforcement affairs, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on August 2, 2017: Tranche one in this four-stage Colombian strategy was the southwest. Down in Tumaco and the province of Nariño. We are unable to support that because the FARC has, […]

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Latin America-related events in Washington next week

(A strange week ahead: after scanning Congress, the think tanks, and the universities, I see only one relevant event scheduled for next week.) Thursday, October 4, 2018 12:30–2:00 at the Georgetown University Intercultural Center: Ecuador & U.S. Bilateral Relations: Insights from Ambassador Francisco Carrión Mena (RSVP required).

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Five links from the past week

Western Hemisphere Regional David Luhnow, “Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World” (The Wall Street Journal, September 24, 2018). The violence in Acapulco has created a dystopia where social norms have broken down El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras Abby Cordova, Diana M. Orces, Jonathan T. Hiskey, Mary Fran Malone, “Leaving the Devil You Know: […]

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Some articles I found interesting Tuesday, September 25

(Catching up after a busy week… Even more here) September 25, 2018 Western Hemisphere Regional Adam Taylor, “Why Some U.S. Allies Didn’t Sign Up for Trump’s Pledge to Fight Drugs” (The Washington Post, September 25, 2018). Many of the non-signatories view the U.S.-led document as too narrow compared with previously agreed upon U.N. provisions on […]

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Some articles I found interesting Thursday, September 27

(Catching up after a busy week… Even more here) September 27, 2018 Western Hemisphere Regional Matt Novak, “U.S. Border Patrol Flew More Drone Missions Last Year Than Ever Before” (Gizmodo, September 27, 2018). The fact that CBP regularly uses drones in American airspace might be news to some people who think that aerial surveillance is […]

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Some articles I found interesting Wednesday, September 26

(Catching up after a busy week… Even more here) September 26, 2018 Colombia “Desde el Viernes, Habra una Multa de $ 208.000 por Dosis Minima” (El Tiempo (Colombia), September 26, 2018). Desde este viernes, con la firma del decreto, si la Policía sorprende a un ciudadano en espacio público con las dosis señaladas, se destruirá la […]

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Some articles I found interesting this morning

(Even more here) September 28, 2018 Western Hemisphere Regional Damian Paletta, “Trump Signs Bill That Averts Government Shutdown, Sets Up Fight Over Border Wall” (The Washington Post, September 28, 2018). The measure requires lawmakers to revisit other contentious measures in just two months, including whether to devote billions of dollars toward the construction of a […]

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October 16 Colombia conference announcement

This is open to the public and runs all day. I’m happy to say that almost everyone we invited to be a panelist has agreed to join us. It’s an incredible lineup. Join us if you’re around. Staying on Course: Security, Coca, Justice, and Accord Implementation in Colombia Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 8:30am-4:00pm Root Room, […]

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The day ahead: September 28, 2018

I’m in the office, but trying to catch up on overdue projects. (How to contact me) My calendar is clear today—I arranged that deliberately—and I should be in the office all day. However, I may have the door closed and the phone on mute as I try to catch up on what’s happened this week (UNGA, […]

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The day ahead: September 27, 2018

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me) The calendar clears up today, and for the first time all week I should have a few consecutive hours at a computer keyboard. I plan to do a lot of writing about Colombia.

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“They’re Killing Us”: Short Video on Social Leaders in Post-Accord Colombia

Filmmakers Tom Laffay, Emily Wright, and Daniel Bustos were in town this evening to screen their 20-minute documentary, “They’re Killing Us,” with lots of footage from Cauca, Colombia in the months after the FARC guerrillas disarmed. The film debuted on the website of The Atlantic at the end of May. The video states that one social leader is […]

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The day ahead: September 26, 2018

I’ll be reachable in the afternoon. (How to contact me) I haven’t spent much time at my desk or at a keyboard at all this week, and this morning won’t be an exception. I’ll be having breakfast with a European diplomat, then a mid-morning meeting with a grad student doing thesis work on border and […]

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