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On Saturday, a day after prosecutors announced new charges of “genocide” against her, Áñez cut her own wrist, in what her lawyer described as “a cry for help”

El Salvador

The attorney general overseeing the case was illegally removed from office before pressing charges, and the special prosecutors’ unit handling the case was dissolved

Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Whether the Supreme Court will abandon the judiciary’s longtime posture of deference to the elected branches on matters of foreign relations — or whether it will give an increasingly right-wing judiciary a permission slip to interfere with America’s negotiations with foreign partners and rivals

U.S.-Mexico Border

Through July, Border Patrol officials found 383 dead migrants, the highest toll in nearly a decade, and one already far surpassing the 253 recovered in the previous fiscal year

Testing is being led by cities, counties and nonprofit organizations, which typically coordinate with the Border Patrol to have migrants dropped off at designated locations