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De la información recopilada y analizada por la Oficina, hay razones fundadas para sostener que se habrían cometido graves violaciones a los derechos humanos


Cómo un sistema fallido de atención a víctimas abandonó a las familias de periodistas asesinados y desaparecidos

U.S.-Mexico Border

The increase is driven by sharp increases in arrivals from Venezuela, which smashed the record set in October, as well as steady arrivals from Cuba, parts of Central America and Mexico

In our roles as Human Rights First’s Advocacy Strategist and Associate Attorney for Refugee Protection, we spent a week in Ciudad Juárez monitoring the Biden administration’s rollout of “RMX 2.0”

The Women’s Refugee Commission released a new report that unveils new findings from a recent trip to the US border with Mexico on the heels of the Biden administration’s reimplementation of the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy