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I get it, “neo-nationalist international solidarity” or whatever. But still, with an invasion of Ukraine looking likely, what a strange time to go and have your picture taken with Putin.

Colombia, Venezuela

Colombian guerrillas using armed, foreign-made drones to fight each other on the Venezuelan side of the border? I haven’t heard of this before, but the reporter has a credible record and he gets some testimonies.


The commander of the Colombian Army’s sixth division, in the country’s far south, is caught on tape talking about allying with a narco-gang to fight ex-FARC dissidents.


Very happy for the Guapinol environmental activists in Mocoa, Honduras, and for all those who worked to get them freed.

U.S.-Mexico Border

Fentanyl is very small in volume, it’s remarkable that they detect the little that they manage to find as it passes in vehicles through border ports of entry. “Congress has directed CBP to come up with a plan to scan 100 percent of arriving vehicles.”