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In Cauca, the department of Colombia with the largest Indigenous population, the leaders of nearly every indigenous community are threatened, and many are being killed.


Still trying to ascertain who knew what, and when, in a U.S.-based security company linked to the July assassination of Haiti’s president.


Marco Ernesto Islas is the fifth journalist killed in Mexico this year. Three of the killings happened in Tijuana.


Vivid portrayal of the volunteer groups of victims who join together to search for bodies, routinely uncovering mass graves that the authorities don’t bother to seek themselves.

U.S.-Mexico Border

Title 42 has closed ports of entry to all pedestrian asylum seekers for nearly two years. But what happens when they arrive in a car, and the vehicle reaches U.S. soil? “In December, an officer even shot at cars driven by asylum seekers as they rolled into San Diego.”