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Western Hemisphere Regional

Here’s a bipartisan bill that proposes to address threats of the past (cold war, drug war) using a “part of government” (security forces only) approach. Pass.

Colombia, Venezuela

Fighting between guerrillas and ex-FARC dissidents is also displacing people, mostly indigenous communities, far east of Arauca, Colombia, in until-recently pristine jungles and savannahs.


  • Jake Johnston, “They Fooled Us” (Center for Economic and Policy Research, February 8, 2022).

Really interesting investigation. It’s long and I haven’t finished it yet. “Seven months after the assassination of Haiti’s president, the true masterminds remain unknown. But a failed “coup” plot that preceded it provides new information about those involved — and what the US and Haitian governments may have known.”


Turns out Juan Orlando Hernández was corrupt all along. Surprise!

U.S.-Mexico Border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) deployment of National Guard troops to the border is wasteful and dangerous for civil-military relations, and should make me mad. But lately it just makes me really sad for the people who’ve been forced to participate in it.