Brazil: Military Police Muzzled (Human Rights Watch, March 9, 2017).

Laws on the books make it easy to crack down on whistleblowers and reformers within Brazil’s highly lethal police forces. Great that HRW drew attention to this.


‘No Veo la Estrategia para Enfrentar los Cultivos de Coca’ (Semana (Colombia), March 6, 2017).

Daniel Rico has worked on coca eradication inside government, and understands the causes of Colombia’s current coca bonanza are complex. He is a critic of past hard-line approaches, but also pessimistic about the Colombian government’s post-accord plans.


Andrew Becker, Allison Mccartney, Michael Corey, The Wall: Explore the Us-Mexico Border Fence (Reveal News, March 6, 2017).

The best mapping of the current U.S-Mexico border fence you’ll find on the internet. Excellent resource.

Sam Quinones, Donald Trump Is the Opportunity Mexico Has Been Waiting For (Foreign Policy, March 8, 2017).

Great writing about how Trump may cause Mexico to whip itself into shape. “There’s nothing like a parody of a Yankee president to put an end to years of political in-fighting.”

Southwest Border Migration (U.S. Customs and Border Protection, March 9, 2017).

Read it for the data showing the fewest monthly migrant apprehensions measured in decades—not for the self-congratulatory prose.