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An army general in charge of a “state of emergency” zone in an area of sometimes violent indigenous protests in southern Chile, causes outrage by defying people to attack his soldiers instead of other targets. “Why don’t you fight us? I invite you.”


There will be no aerial herbicide fumigation in Colombian territories where coca is grown. At least not until communities can properly be consulted with, which may take at least a year.


Wow. “A report concluded that most cases have environmental or medical causes, but the government remains focused on investigating two dozen incidents that remain unexplained.”

U.S.-Mexico Border

Imagine volunteering to serve your country in the National Guard, only to end up torn from your career and family for months of “mall cop” duty for a governor who needs political props as he enters reelection primary season.

Unless Congress rescinds wall-building money that Trump had requested in prior years, this will be the plan to wall off the Rio Grande virtually from Falcon Lake to the Gulf of Mexico.