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Good explanation of last week’s Constitutional Court decision in Colombia, finding that the lack of protection for ex-FARC members is “a state of unconstitutionality,” which requires the recalcitrant government to act.

The jurist argues that elites’ refusal to implement the peace accord’s rural provisions is setting Colombia up for another wave of preventable tragedy.


“The odds that Castro will move Honduras in the right direction in these numerous issues are slim,” but “this new government represents one of the few bright spots in Central America.”

U.S.-Mexico Border

For those of us who’ve worked for reform and failed to see audacity from the Clinton and Obama administrations, the story of White House immigration staffer Andrea Flores is familiar but frustrating.

The dismantling of asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border is so complete that many migrants are now viewing placement into “Remain in Mexico” as reason for hope.