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Outrageous that a narco-tied ex-governor, serving a 55-year murder sentence, can hold a whisky-and-beer party from his maximum security Bogotá prison cell.

Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica

A main suspect in the plot to kill Haiti’s president last July is not being extradited to Haiti—instead, he’s headed to his native Colombia where he faces no charges.

Colombia, Venezuela

This is the most detailed report I’ve seen about the fighting in Arauca, Colombia that killed at least 17 people over the weekend. And even this one’s pretty unclear about exactly what is going on.


Mexico received 131,448 asylum applications from migrants in 2021. The previous record, set in 2019, was 70,351.

U.S.-Mexico Border

The Biden administration’s court-ordered, but suspiciously enthusiastic, restart of “Remain in Mexico” began in El Paso last month. Now it’s starting in San Diego, and will soon be happening elsewhere.