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Local leaders and analysts reject the government’s move to send two military bases to Arauca, where fighting between the ELN and ex-FARC dissidents killed about two dozen people over the weekend. They argue that it won’t change anything.

Colombia, Haiti

Maybe now we’ll learn more about the plot, involving Colombian ex-military mercenaries, to kill Haiti’s president. Or maybe we won’t.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua

More than 111,000 Nicaraguans have requested asylum in Costa Rica since 2018. 17,000 in October and November alone.


A brief Radio Progreso editorial calls on the incoming Honduran government to rein in the military’s enormous power, and for a national conversation about whether Honduras even needs a military.


One of Mexico’s top investigative journalists was spied on starting in 2016, and nobody has been held accountable. “I do everything by myself, but since Pegasus I ask myself how it’s possible to defend yourself against this. Would I have to stop using smartphones and do things like they did with Watergate, leaving a ribbon on my balcony so sources know that I want to talk with them?”