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Brazil’s Army has front-loaded its exercise schedule for 2022, clearing the decks so that it can be available during the October 30 presidential elections and their aftermath.

Colombia, Haiti

The U.S. government is carrying out its own investigation of the July assassination of Haiti’s president, diverting a Colombian mercenary witness—apparently with his agreement?—so that he might testify in U.S. court.


“On the militarism route, the equation is to centralize decisions as much as possible in the federal authority; on the municipalism route, the equation is to decentralize as much as possible.” Mexico’s government is choosing the former and abandoning the latter.

U.S.-Mexico Border

CBP encountered 55 children on January 2, 68 on January 3, and 81 on January 4. That is down from a range of 145 to 168 per day the previous week, which itself is down from an average of 402 per day during fiscal year 2021.

Mexico, Nicaragua, U.S.-Mexico Border

Nicaraguan asylum seekers placed in the “Remain in Mexico” program plead with their immigration judge not to send them back after their hearing. The judge says to take it up with an asylum officer.