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Fabiola Campillai was shot in the face by a teargas canister as she walked to work amid protests in 2019. Now she is running for office as an independent


El titular de Defensa genera su enésima controversia al señalar a Irán como “enemigo” del país en un viaje a Israel

El Salvador

A reporter teams up with the American journalist who first broke the story of the El Mozote massacre, tracking El Salvador’s faltering efforts to hold the perpetrators accountable, in a new documentary from Retro Report and FRONTLINE

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

WOLA and our counterparts in the region provide additional data on progress and trends in key areas related to the rule of law and security in the Northern Triangle countries

Nicaragua, Western Hemisphere Regional

President Daniel Ortega’s victory is the latest evidence that democracy in the region is unraveling amid waning U.S. influence, political analysts say