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Colombia’s 2016 peace deal was a landmark achievement, convincing the FARC guerrillas to disarm and enter civilian life. Yet much remains to be done to show insurgents that they can redress their grievances through ordinary politics. The country’s leaders should recommit to finishing the job

It is a crime to knowingly provide material support or resources to Segunda Marquetalia and FARC-EP, or to attempt or conspire to do so


If Xiomara Castro’s wide lead in Honduras’ presidential election holds, her leftist government could present challenges, but also opportunities for a Biden administration that has struggled with how to work on the country’s problems


La brecha entre civiles muertos respecto a los que son detenidos o lesionados ha crecido en comparación con sexenios pasados

U.S.-Mexico Border

This summer, HOPE spoke to dozens of people on the move in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and posed the question: “What led you to leave your home?”