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Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay

De acuerdo con fuentes federales, tras varias horas las autoridades mexicanas determinaron no activar la ficha roja contra Granda Escobar por la inmunidad que le otorgan los acuerdos de paz


Kidnappings of 16 Americans and a Canadian in Port-au-Prince come as hundreds of local residents face similar targeting, with at least 628 abductions so far this year

Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Border

Top national security aides to former President Trump also talked him out of launching military raids against drug cartels inside Mexico

U.S.-Mexico Border

A self-described progressive, Chris Magnus committed himself to Title 42 in a confirmation hearing Tuesday

U.S. authorities detained more than 1.7 million migrants along the Mexico border during the 2021 fiscal year that ended in September, and arrests by the Border Patrol soared to the highest levels since 1986