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A massive debate continues to bubble inside the US government, as well as in academic and policy circles, over whether any short-term gain from engaging with Bolsonaro, even with the two presidents at arm’s length, is worth the possible long-term damage doing so might cause to Washington’s reputation


“I was having problems focusing, I was so disoriented from the beatings,” he said. “But I could hear screams coming from other rooms—the sounds of other people being beaten too”

Colombia, Panama

An estimated 15,000 migrants are currently en route through Colombia heading for Panama


Por tercera ocasión, la caravana de migrantes fue interceptada por un operativo del INM y la Guardia Nacional. Autoridades han negado información sobre el saldo de heridos y detenidos

U.S.-Mexico Border

Bashant has not yet decided what she will order as a remedy in the four-year-old class-action case. She asked both sides to submit additional briefings on the subject by October 1