Screenshot of my old Colombia site as it stood in August 2007. Click to visit.

Between 1999 and 2007, when I worked at the Center for International Policy (CIP), I made and maintained a huge online archive about Colombia.

I was pretty intense about keeping a thorough record of what was happening. My Colombia page had copies of every report or document we wrote, everything I saw that a public U.S. official said about Colombia, every bit of legislation, every official report, aid tables, overviews of congressional debates and votes, links to other NGOs’ reports, the text of “Plan Colombia,” documents from the failed 1999-2002 peace process, and a lot more.

I left CIP for WOLA in 2010. Sometime after that, when CIP re-did their website, the Colombia archive disappeared. The only way to see it has been to go to the Internet Archive and hope that their snapshots of the site had what you were looking for.

No longer. I just looked on an old external backup drive and found the contents of the site, including 2,029 HTML files and 251 PDF documents. I’ve uploaded all of it here:

Click on that link, and you’re transported back in time to 2007.

Obviously, most external links are probably broken. But if you ever need to explore this period of the history of U.S. policy toward Colombia, you should definitely start here.