These tweets give us one-off reports on migrant encounters in three of Border Patrol’s nine U.S.-Mexico border sectors, in a single week.

Take these together, you get 27,200+ migrant encounters in these three sectors in one early July week.

These sectors made up 56 percent of Border Patrol migrant encounters in May. (June numbers should be released any day now.) That rate would yield 48,990+ migrant encounters border-wide in a week, or 7,000 per day, in early July.

In May, Border Patrol apprehended 7,182 migrants per day. So these numbers may point to an ever-so-slight decrease in migration during these very hot months.

Also notable here: mid-Texas’s Del Rio Sector in first place. South Texas’s Rio Grande Valley Sector has been the number-one migrant destination every month since February 2013, with the lone exception of January 2022. Significantly more migrants appear to be coming to Del Rio, which is much more remote and harder to reach.