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The day ahead: July 15, 2020

I may be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

It was nice having a few days with a lighter schedule. I caught up some website features at that were very difficult to work on when by broken wrist was at its worst last month (check out the embedded video library and other pages; I’m still working on the timeline). I’m slowly working with an intern to build up a similar, but less ambitious, resource about the border (very much under construction here).

Today I have two internal meetings and a Colombia coalition meeting, and I need to put together a talk about Colombia security for an official audience (non-public unfortunately) on Friday. As a result, I’ll probably be slow in responding today.

I also want to do something explaining the excellent narrative report that the House Appropriators put together on the Homeland Security bill. That, plus continuing website updates and writing a report on Putumayo, Colombia, will have me engaged through the rest of the week.

Also, expect WOLA to publish a big analysis of militaries in Latin America in a day or two.

The day ahead: July 14, 2020

I should be available much of the day, except mid-day. (How to contact me)

I’m making a lot of website updates, working on a report about Colombia, and planning a new border-related project. I should be reachable much of the day.

The day ahead: July 10, 2020

I’m most reachable in the morning and early afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’ve got a couple of border-related calls in the afternoon, but am otherwise at my desk researching, writing, and updating websites.

The day ahead: July 8, 2020

I’m most reachable in the morning and mid-day. (How to contact me)

With several co-workers on vacation this week, a couple of regular internal meetings are not happening today, so I’ve got a stretch of uninterrupted work time before getting on a couple of calls with researchers and border groups.

I want to spend it doing updates to features of our Colombia Peace website, which were just too painful for me to do in June after I broke my wrist. (Lots of writing and—even harder—selecting lots of text with a mouse.) Sections of that site are falling behind and will take several days to catch up.

I’ve also got an eye on the House Appropriations Committee’s drafting of 2021 budget bills, though we probably won’t get to see the details in the relevant explanatory reports until at least tomorrow.

The day ahead: July 7, 2020

I’ve got a few scattered calls/meetings, but should be mostly reachable. (How to contact me)

I’m at the desk at home all day today, the first time that’s been true in a week. I’ve got an interview and an internal meeting in the morning, and a coalition meeting of border groups in the mid-afternoon.

The day ahead: July 6, 2020

I should be reachable in the first half of the afternoon. (How to contact me)

I just returned last night from visiting family in New York. I’m a bit tired and scattered—the house is a mess, the fridge is empty, the car needs service, and I’ve got other family visiting in the late afternoon. Probably should’ve called today a personal day, but I didn’t, so I’ll do my best.

I’m reachable in the early afternoon, though not feeling on top of things. I’ll be better tomorrow.

The day ahead: July 2, 2020

I’m out of town, but mostly reachable. (How to contact me)

I’m in New York visiting relatives—one has a birthday, and tomorrow/Saturday is a big holiday in the United States—but am working when possible and mostly reachable.

The day ahead: June 30, 2020

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

I’m meeting-free and trying to catch up on several pending commitments on this last day of June. I should be reachable if needed.

The day ahead: June 29, 2020

I’m around in the afternoon. (How to contact me)

I’m significantly (but far from completely) caught up on work that was impossible to do before my broken wrist was operated on and while it was in a cast. Expect some new writing over the next several days.

This is a holiday week in the United States, with everything closed on Friday. On Wednesday afternoon, I’m headed to New York to (distantly) visit relatives whom we haven’t seen in many months, though I’ll still be “on the clock” for much of that time.

Today I’m in internal meetings and have a media interview until early afternoon, after which I’ll be free and going through a long list of pending website updates and still-unanswered emails.

Cast is off—regular posting should resume tomorrow

Surgery was 6 days ago; look at those gnarly x-rays of the metal plate holding my radius bone together with 11 screws. I’m only in pain if I twist it the wrong way or lift something too heavy. Nothing now, as I type.

And yes, I can type now, as the doctor took that big cast off my arm this afternoon. I have to wear a brace for the next six weeks and that’s it.

Now that I can type and use a mouse, I look forward to posting here on a more or less regular basis again.

Wearing this until Wednesday

On Thursday I had a metal plate screwed into the broken radius bone of my right wrist. Today (Saturday) I’m in only modest pain, but I’ll have this cast on my right arm until Wednesday.

I’m right handed, so don’t expect much from me that requires a keyboard for the next few days. On Wednesday, I should be going back to a brace that lets me use my fingers.

Thanks to the folks at Georgetown University Hospital who made it look easy on Thursday. I was in and out in less than 6 hours, 2 of them spent totally unconscious.

The day ahead: June 18, 2020

I’m totally unavailable today and tomorrow (Friday). (How to contact me)

I’m off to the hospital shortly to have my broken wrist operated on. It’s an outpatient procedure, but they’ll be knocking me out completely and I’ll be there all day. Wish me luck.

The day ahead: June 17, 2020

I’ll be hard to reach today, and completely out Thursday and Friday. (How to contact me)

I go in to the hospital tomorrow for surgery on my broken wrist, so today is my last day on the job this week. I’ve got 3 internal meetings and a coalition strategy meeting, plus a few loose ends to tie up before tomorrow, so I’ll be difficult to contact.

The day ahead: June 16, 2020

I should be reachable much of the day. (How to contact me)

I do indeed have to go in for surgery on my broken wrist Thursday, so my work week effectively ends tomorrow. I’ve steered meetings away from today so that I might get some writing done and otherwise get as caught up as possible before that happens. I’ll be reachable today, though replies might be delayed; the arm is very sore and I’m not running on full power.

The day ahead: June 15, 2020

I’ll be hard to reach today. (How to contact me)

My broken wrist is definitely healing, it’s sore but not hugely painful, as long as I don’t twist it or try to carry anything heavier than a coffee cup. This week, they’re going to make sure it’s healing straight—lots of moving parts in a wrist—and if not, I’ll go to surgery, probably on Thursday.

That means posts to this site will continue to be infrequent. And with doctor visits added to my meeting schedule—I have a long one this afternoon—I’ll be harder to contact, and slower to respond. If I need to be operated on, I won’t post any updates at all on Thursday or Friday.

Though I’m moving slower, work continues. Yesterday I finished and shared with colleagues a draft of a new commentary/report on what the present moment of plague and protest should mean for militaries and police forces in Latin America and the United States. I’m going to move ahead on another one this week, about coca and U.S. policy in southern Colombia.

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