Jeff Abbott photo at Al Jazeera. Caption: “An indigenous woman holds a sign in front of the Ministry of the Interior offices in Santa Cruz del Quiche, calling for an end to corruption in Guatemala”


  • Former Argentine President Acquitted of Arms Smuggling (Associated Press, The New York Times, October 4, 2018).

    “The same judicial branch that processed the case for 22 years without a firm sentence, now declares Menem innocent because too much time has passed”


  • Jim Mustian, Joshua Goodman, Dea’s Colombia Post Roiled by Misconduct Probes (Associated Press, The Washington Post, October 3, 2018).

    Prior to Bogota, Dobrich oversaw the DEA’s military-style FAST teams that battled drug traffickers in Afghanistan and Latin America, and were criticized for a series of fatal shootings in Honduras in 2012


  • Hector Silva Avalos, 4 Consequences of Morales’ War With the Cicig in Guatemala (InsightCrime, September 21, 2018).

    On September 16, at a press conference where the CC judges read their decision in favor of the CICIG, an undercover police officer attempted to photograph journalists who were covering the event

  • Francisco Goldman, Why Is Trump Tacitly Supporting Corruption in Guatemala? (The New York Times, September 21, 2018).

    His government is backed by a so-called juntita of retrograde military officers and a bloc in the Guatemalan Congress derisively known as “el pacto de corruptos”



  • Maria Verza, Mark Stevenson, Mexican Students Massacred by Army in 1968, by Gangs Today (Associated Press, The Washington Post, October 1, 2018).

    Today’s student activists — and even the graying veterans of the 1968 democracy movement — acknowledge they now have free speech, something the ‘68 generation fought for. But they say the impunity remains the same

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