(Update 5:00PM: That was fun. I think we hit all our points concisely and it turned out really well.)

From WOLA’s website:

Update from the border: Facebook live

WOLA’s Director for Mexico and Migrant Rights Maureen Meyer and Director for Defense Oversight Adam Isacson just returned from a research trip to the U.S.-Mexico Border in Arizona where they investigated what is happening to migrant families and asylum seekers on both sides of the border.Maureen and Adam were in Arizona and in Nogales, Mexico, when the Trump administration announced its shifting policies on family separation. They had an opportunity to speak with migrants, volunteers, and lawyers on both sides of the border to hear first hand why so many families continue to flee their home countries. They also witnessed how dozens of families and children are waiting for days on the Mexican side of the border for the chance to apply for asylum at the understaffed ports of entry, while many others are forced by organized crime networks to cross the border outside of the ports leaving them to face criminal prosecution and detention in the U.S.

Tune in on Facebook Wednesday to hear more about what they saw, what WOLA and advocates are doing about it, and how you can help.