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Speech by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), June 28, 2005

The CHAIRMAN. Without objection, the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Kirk) may yield time on behalf of the gentleman from Arizona (Mr. Kolbe).

   There was no objection.

   Mr. KIRK. Mr. Chairman, I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from Michigan (Mr. Rogers), a former FBI agent.

   Mr. ROGERS of Michigan. Mr. Chairman, the amendment is well-intended but horribly misguided.

   If you have spent time in Colombia, then you know that incredible progress is being made. This is absolutely the worst time to turn our backs on the great efforts that these folks are making against narco-terrorism, the FARC, the AUC, other militia groups. They are making progress.

   Let me tell you a little bit about it. Kidnappings from 2002 to 2004 are down 52 percent. That is because they are on the offensive. President Uribe, 18 assassination attempts and maybe even climbing, has stood tall for democracy and said he will not tolerate the FARC, and the AUC, and narco-terrorist groups trying to control Colombia and sending death to America by cocaine paste and cocaine kilos and everything that we know is bad and killing our children in the streets of America.

   We have a true partner who is willing to take and literally risk his life and his presidency to stop this in Colombia. This is the wrong time, Mr. Chairman.

   Right now, we have three United States citizens hostage to the FARC. What message would we send to our friends in Colombia who are risking their lives to rescue these citizens from the FARC and other AUC groups by cutting this funding. This is not the time, Mr. Chairman.

   This is the chance that we stand up and say, We are making progress. We will support an aggressive attitude toward narco-terrorist trafficking in not only Colombia, but all of Latin America and make that difference, not only for the three United States citizens that deserve our support, but every American who fights to keep drugs out of their family, out of their schools, out of their community.

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