This is an August 2007 copy of a website maintained by the Center for International Policy. It is posted here for historical purposes. The Center for International Policy no longer maintains this resource.

Last Updated:6/12/07
U.S. Government Information

  • U.S. government fact sheets and reports
    Information from the executive branch of the U.S. government, including congressionally mandated reports, and evaluations from the GAO and auditing bodies.

  • Legislation
    Current and past aid package bills before Congress, with information about votes, debates, and upcoming steps.

  • Key officials
    "Who's Who" in the current design and implementation of U.S. policy toward Colombia (under construction)

  • Hearings
    Testimonies, statements, transcripts and notes from past hearings before congressional committees, plus information about upcoming hearings.
  • Government officials' statements
    Speeches, press briefings, declarations, letters and other policy statements from the executive branch (especially the White House, State Department, and Pentagon).

  • Statements from members of Congress
    Expressions of support, opposition, and skepticism from senators and representatives.

  • House and Senate votes
    How members of Congress voted on Colombia-related legislation since 2000. (With contact information, liberal/conservative rankings, and corporate donation information.)

  • U.S. contractors in Colombia
    A compendium of known information about U.S. corporations hired to carry out anti-drug operations or to provide military and police aid.
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