A commendably tough statement from the OAS on the Honduran election crisis, even raising “the possibility of recommending a new call for elections.” It’s a huge shame that the U.S. government hasn’t taken a similarly strong stance.

In laying out the risks associated with the public security law moving through Mexico’s Congress—which would give the military a permanent policing role—the UN office eviscerates arguments in the bill’s favor.

A well-done exploration of “the particular meaning” that coca has for woman-headed coca-growing households in Putumayo, “which is related to their experiences as women and to their link with the territory.”

Anderson gets an interview with Venezuela’s authoritarian leader. “As Maduro’s government loses its capacity to provide handouts, its popularity wanes, but it has developed few realistic options.”


A profile of Sigifredo Ochoa, a former military commander who—for now—remains unaccountable for past human rights violations.