El Salvador

There are an estimated 60,000 gang members in El Salvador. Benjamin knew many who wanted to leave, but they were afraid. He wanted to show them they could


The Times traveled hundreds of miles into the Brazilian Amazon, staying with a tribe in the Munduruku Indigenous Territory as it struggled with the shrinking rain forest


After the State Department’s presence was diminished, what remained of the C.I.A. station was closed down, on Pompeo’s orders


  • Alejandra Guillen, Mago Torres, Marcela Turati, El Pais de las 2 Mil Fosas (A Donde Van los Desaparecidos (Mexico), November 12, 2018).

En México 37 mil 485 personas están reportadas como desaparecidas entre diciembre de 2006 y octubre pasado, según los registros oficiales. Se desconoce cuántas de ellas están en fosas


Many of those arrested will be tried as terrorists, thanks to a law passed by the Ortega-controlled Congress in July that expanded the definition of terrorism to include a broad range of crimes