Nathaniel Parrish Flannery photo for The Guardian. Caption: “Civilian gunmen in Tancítaro.”


Colombia’s second-busiest Pacific port is also the country’s number-one coca (and probably cocaine)-producing municipality. This in-depth multimedia look at Tumaco is worth your time. Great videos.

Late Wednesday, while President Juan Manuel Santos was in Washington, Colombia’s Constitutional Court issued a decision that might delay, or even cancel, implementation of parts of the FARC peace accord. León and Duque look at the implications, including a possible bright side.


De Cordoba looks into the complicated story murdered Sinaloa journalist Javier Valdez was working on: an intensifying battle between factions of the disintegrating Sinaloa cartel.

This is what institutional collapse looks like: a Michoacán town’s avocado-growers’ association, some of whose members are probably organized crime-tied, created a paramilitary force that is far more capable than local police. This is illegal, but nobody cares.


“Established democracies are not supposed to implode like this. Steven Levitsky, a Harvard University political scientist, said Venezuela was one of ‘four or five, ever.’ Among those, none was as wealthy or fell so far.” This was a long, gradual process; Fisher and Taub concisely highlight some of the main steps.