My view for most of today.

Hello from the Orlando airport, where I’m transferring to Bogotá. I’ll be in Colombia until late Sunday night.

If you’re a friend or colleague in Colombia and I haven’t contacted you, I apologize: on this trip I’ll be accompanying WOLA’s Board of Directors, which is holding its regular meeting in Colombia. (They often do them in the region.) I’ll be accompanying them 24 hours per day, leaving no time to carve out for side meetings.

We’ll only be in Bogotá briefly, anyway. On Friday we’re headed to another part of Colombia (not going to specify— security hasn’t improved that much) and give the Board a better look at the country.

Within a few months, I hope to visit Bogotá with more free time to check in with folks. (For now, the Trump administration’s first 100 days are keeping me in Washington more than usual.) And I look forward to resuming regular posting in this space on Monday.