You’ll all be delighted to know that Venezuela apparently got safer after July 31.

From a press conference yesterday:

Screenshot of joint press conference in Mexico City yesterday:

SECRETARY MAYORKAS:  Eileen, thank you very much.  As you well know and I will share with those who do not, that we granted Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan nationals who were in the United States as of – in other words, on or before – July 31st of this year.  <highlight>We have made a determination that it is safe to return Venezuelan nationals who’ve arrived in the United States subsequent to July 31st and do not have a legal basis to remain here.</highlight>

And we have now successfully negotiated an agreement with the country of Venezuela to repatriate those Venezuelan nationals who have arrived subsequent to July 31st and do not have a basis to remain in the United States.  We are a nation of immigrants and we are a nation of laws.