(These are from my online Latin America-focused government reports library.)

Posture Statement of Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, Commander, United States Southern Command, Before the 115th Congress Senate Armed Services Committee
U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, April 6, 2017

The Southern Command’s annual overview of its activities, given in congressional testimony. Southern Command manages all U.S. military activity in Latin America and the Caribbean, except for Mexico and the Bahamas.

This report, required by House Armed Services Committee report language accompanying the 2016 defense bill, is a surprisingly rich source of data. It lists thousands of events in which U.S. (or U.S.-aided) personnel trained foreign police in 2015 and 2016.

Building Partner Capacity: Inventory of Department of Defense Security Cooperation and Department of State Security Assistance Efforts
U.S. Government Accountability Office, March 24, 2017

Due to concerns that Defense Department security assistance programs “lack strategic direction, may not act in concert with other programs, and are not resourced for long-term sustainability,” the House Armed Services Committee asked the U.S. Government Accountability Office to report on each of these programs’ purpose, legal justification, and funding. This resulting inventory is useful, but out of date, as the 2017 defense bill brought major changes to these programs.

90-day Progress Report to the President on Executive Order 13767: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements
Department of Homeland Security, dated April 25, 2017

A draft memo obtained by the Washington Post, detailing plans for initial border wall construction, deportation procedures, plans for detaining apprehended migrants, looser hiring standards for Border Patrol personnel, and other items. (I turned it into a PDF for easier reading.)