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April 21, 2022

Central America Regional

April 2022 Vice President Harris has led the Root Causes Strategy, which aligns U.S. Government efforts to address the economic, governance, and security


Expertos coinciden en que es la única vía para desescalar la violencia en los territorios y reducir los riesgos para los consumidores. Colombia tiene 143.000 hectáreas sembradas de coca

Así lo decidió el Tribunal Administrativo de Cundinamarca como respuesta a una demanda presentada por Dejusticia, Sisma Mujer, Humanas y la Red Nacional de Mujeres

Le contó a Cambio cómo los militares le pegaron tres tiros más cuando ya estaba herido y cómo su amigo y él fueron luego presentados como guerrilleros de Gentil Duarte

Desde la llegada del gobernador ha habido un retroceso en materia de derechos


A record number of Cuban migrants traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border in March. What’s driving the exodus?

Por primera vez en cuatro años, funcionarios estadounidenses y cubanos se reúnen en Washington para tratar temas migratorios

El Salvador

Expandilleros que cumplieron sus penas en EE.UU. denuncian haber sido detenidos en El Salvador por sus tatuajes y su pasado en una ofensiva en la que hay ya 13.000 apresados


Haiti will never be able to protect its citizens if the connections between politics and violence are not disentangled

This meeting also reaffirms our efforts in providing advisory support, training, and other resources to the Haitian National Police (HNP)


Once the plane took off, spectators near the airport waved Honduran flags and celebratory fireworks could be heard around the capital

Hernandez Allegedly Partnered with Some of the Largest Cocaine Traffickers in the World to Transport Tons of Cocaine through Honduras to the United States


Durante el primer trimestre de 2022, México registró 7 mil 354 homicidios dolosos, una reducción de 12.6% respecto del mismo periodo de 2021

Nicaragua, Venezuela, Western Hemisphere Regional

Visto como la antesala de la próxima Cumbre de Las Américas, la reunión de ministros de Exteriores de la región, que tiene lugar en Panamá este 20 de abril, avanza centrada en temas migratorios

U.S.-Mexico Border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s rule doubling the inspections for commercial trucks coming in from Mexico caused delays that cost the U.S. nearly $9 billion in gross domestic product, according to one analysis

“Abbott needs to be focused on introducing himself to 2024 primary donors and staying relevant in the party nationally. Picking a fight on immigration keeps him on the news”

The policy is due to end May 23, and while the Biden administration says it is logistically preparing for a surge in migration, the absence of clear White House messaging has Democrats going rogue

A total of 3,012 non-citizens were enrolled in MPP December 6, 2021 – March 31, 2022, including 896 enrollments in February and 1,444 enrollments in March

“Traveling to Mexico will offer no advantage for Ukrainian nationals,” the official said

DHS under the Biden administration has detained tens of thousands of asylum seekers, jailing many in newly opened or expanded facilities or in remote areas where they often face insurmountable barriers to fairly presenting their asylum claims

U.S.-Mexico Border, Western Hemisphere Regional

Our organizations call on the more than 20 participating governments of the Ministerial Conference to ensure that a collaborative regional approach be developed in consultation with civil society


International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan has rejected a request by Venezuela to delay an ICC probe into alleged human rights violations, according to documents released on Thursday, and he will seek to reopen a full investigation