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December 29, 2022


 Laia Mataix Gomez, Colombia Views Development as Only Way to End Coca’s Reign (La Prensa Latina*, December 29, 2022).

Felipe Tascón, the new director of Colombia’s alternative development program, calls for rural “industrialization”

 Javier Patino C., El Nuevo ‘Round’ en la Lucha Contra las Drogas (Revista Cambio (Colombia)*, December 29, 2022).

The Petro government’s approach to narco-trafficking goes easy on small-scale coca growers and seeks to go after powerful traffickers

 Ana Leon, Un Diciembre en Saravena, Donde la Guerrilla Mato la Navidad (La Silla Vacia (Colombia)*, December 29, 2022).

Another bad year for security in Saravena, Arauca, despite the Petro government’s peace efforts, as fighting persists between the ELN and FARC dissidents

Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, U.S.-Mexico Border

* Mica Rosenberg, Ted Hesson, U.S. Plans to Expand Border Expulsions for Cubans, Nicaraguans and Haitians (Reuters, *Reuters*, December 29, 2022).

The Biden administration is considering expelling Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Haitian asylum seekers back into Mexico using the undead Title 42 pandemic policy. No word from Mexico about whether it would take them


 Jorge Martinez, Victor Hugo Michel, Capacitara Eu a Mexico en la Lucha Contra el Armamento 3d (Milenio (Mexico)*, December 29, 2022).

3D-printed weapons are becoming a problem for Mexico, and ATF will provide training in countering them

* Edgar H. Clemente, Maria Verza, Thriving Network of Fixers Preys on Migrants Crossing Mexico (Associated Press, *Associated Press*, December 29, 2022).

Detailed investigation of the middlemen who connect migrants with smugglers and corrupt officials, making transit to the U.S. border possible in exchange for hefty fees

* Elliot Spagat, Mexico Draws More Asylum-Seekers Despite Grisly Violence (Associated Press, *Associated Press*, December 29, 2022).

Mexico is a very dangerous place for migrants, but also the world’s number-three recipient of asylum applications

U.S.-Mexico Border

 Sandra Sanchez, Bathroom Crisis for Migrants at Makeshift Camp in Matamoros, Mexico (Border Report*, December 29, 2022).

3,000 people are now living in a new encampment in Matamoros, Mexico, across from Brownsville. There are two portable toilets

 Zolan Kanno-Youngs, ‘This Is Not About the Pandemic Anymore’: Public Health Law Is Embraced as Border Band-Aid (The New York Times*, December 29, 2022).

It’s a serious stretch to continue claiming that Title 42 is a public health policy

 James Dobbins, Miriam Jordan, Will Lifting Title 42 Cause a Border Crisis? It’s Already Here. (The New York Times*, December 29, 2022).

Title 42 has not reduced migration, which is near record levels


 Ana Vanessa Herrero, Karen Deyoung, Samantha Schmidt, End of an Era as Venezuela’s Opposition Moves to End Guaido Experiment (The Washington Post*, December 29, 2022).

As the Maduro regime strengthens, Venezuela’s opposition casts about for new tactics