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January 10, 2023


– Anthony Faiola, Marina Dias, Brazilian Officials Knew of Protest, Thought They Could Contain It (The Washington Post, January 10, 2023).

Alleges that pro-Bolsonaro local politicians and police failed to take seriously the threat of the January 8 Brasilia rioting

– Isaac Stanley-Becker, Michael Kranish, Brazil’s Riot Puts Spotlight on Close Ties Between Bolsonaro and Trump (The Washington Post, January 10, 2023).

A look at how Trumpism got exported to Brazil, with disastrous results on January 8

– Julian Borger, Bolsonaro May Have to Leave Us Within Weeks, Amid Diplomatic Fallout From Brasilia Attack (The Guardian (Uk), January 10, 2023).

“Democrats are concerned that Florida, run by a hardline Republican governor and presidential contender, Ron DeSantis, is increasingly becoming a hotbed for far-right putschists”

Central America Regional

– Editorial: Will Democratic Voices Make a Comeback in 2023? (El Faro (El Salvador), January 10, 2023).

At a dark moment for democracy in Central America, a call for independent citizens to act and “take ownership over their public spaces”


– Gloria Castrillon Pulido, ¿Hay Crisis en la Mesa Con el Eln, Como Solucionarla? (El Espectador (Colombia), January 10, 2023).

It looks like the ELN peace talks need renewed contact between the parties much sooner than the January 23 date set for the next round of talks

– Imposiciones Unilaterales, Atentan Contra los Dialogos (ELN (Colombia), January 10, 2023).

Petro’s abrupt ceasefire announcement puts the talks in “crisis,” the ELN says


– Sara Solorzano, Los Controversiales Fallos Judiciales de la Jueza Dominguez (Prensa Libre (Guatemala), January 10, 2023).

Profile of a powerful Guatemalan judge whose decisions always benefit military personnel accused of human rights abuse, corrupt politicians, and similar


– Jacqueline Charles, With Not a Single Elected Leader Left, Haiti Is Becoming a Textbook Case of a ‘Failed State’ (The Miami Herald, January 10, 2023).

Terms are ending for Haiti’s last 10 elected senators, the last elected officials currently holding power


– Dan Collyns, Peru Protests: 17 Dead in Fresh Clashes as Calls Grow for President Boluarte to Resign (The Guardian (Uk), January 10, 2023).

Running clashes between protesters and government forces in Puno, a huge one-day death toll

– Liubomir Fernandez, Juliaca: 17 Muertos en Protestas Contra Dina Boluarte y por Cierre del Congreso (La Republica (Peru), January 10, 2023).

A very large single-day death toll from protests in Puno

U.S.-Mexico Border

– Katherine Hawkins, The Border Zone Next Door, and Its Out-of-Control Police Force (Project on Government Oversight, January 10, 2023).

Steps needed now to prevent a future president from making “full use of CBP’s authority to harm political opponents and quash dissent”

– Philip Bump, Biden’s Border Visit Brings Him No Closer to Fixing Immigration (The Washington Post, January 10, 2023).

A dive into the numbers to explain the true impact of Title 42 on migration


– William Neuman, A Chance for a Reset on Venezuela (The Atlantic, January 10, 2023).

Juan Guaidó and his political allies may have divided Venezuela’s opposition more than they united it