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January 19, 2023


“Authorities now say the Army was complacent or even complicit in the attacks, turning a blind eye as rioters plotted in camps outside military headquarters”


Early on in talks with armed groups, Petro government representatives have asked them to “disincentivize” coca cultivation

Overview of the nine-page ceasefire agreement, with a verification mechanism, between the government and the largest ex-FARC dissident network

Colombia, Guatemala

“”Most of the Republicans who are giving a free pass to Guatemala,’ added the staffer, ‘never knew Iván Velásquez'”

The acting U.S. ambassador voices support for Colombia’s defense minister in the face of a corrupt Guatemalan prosecutorial investigation

Cuba, Haiti

A very large number of rafters returned to Cuba and Haiti


Honduras’s wave of femicides is worsening as the new year begins


We may learn a lot about the drug war from the García Luna trial. Cites WOLA

Mexico, Venezuela

About 2,060 Venezuelan migrants blocked by Title 42 expansion have given up and gone home. But in Mexico, most have no intention of doing that


“UNHCR considers that the situation prevailing in Nicaragua may be characterized as a massive violation of human rights”

U.S.-Mexico Border

“Border militia and vigilante groups have a long history of targeting migrants in the U.S. But Facebook is giving them an unprecedented platform to coordinate their activities—and amplify misinformation and conspiracy theories about migrants”

Includes a link to a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas asking for lots of information

The first border hearing in the Republican House will take place the week of February 6