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January 23, 2023


A lengthy, sympathetic profile of a president who “seemed a little overwhelmed by the prospects he faced in his mission to save Brazil”


Analysis of the Petro government’s plan to invest heavily in “tertiary” farm-to-market roads

A decree shifting around the Petro government’s peace-related org chart appears to demote the unit in charge of implementing the 2016 peace accord

“Successful result” of an originally unprogrammed round of talks in Caracas, say government and ELN negotiators

The Human RIghts Ombudsman counts 215 human rights defenders killed in Colombia in 2022

A detailed report-back from government and ELN representatives’ five-day visit to southern Chocó and northern Valle del Cauca


It “may prove to be one of the more remarkable intelligence failures of the drug war”

“Many of the migrants expelled by the United States through Ciudad Juárez wander the streets in search of help to survive, staying at the border in the hope of crossing the border”

13 Mexican journalists were killed last year, and the impunity rate for journalist killings is around 89 percent


Peru’s security forces failed to de-escalate protests, and they’re escalating. “We can no longer reach a dialogue, because many people have died”

“Scores of police raided a Lima university on Saturday, smashing down the gates with an armoured vehicle, firing teargas and detaining more than 200 people”

U.S.-Mexico Border

“The number of unique individuals encountered nationwide in December 2022 was 225,797, a 10 percent increase in the number of unique enforcement encounters than the prior month”

House Republican moderates balk at hardline border and migration legislation

Republican hardliners’ line that there’d be no immigration reform without full border security is crumbling

Tony Barker, the acting chief of the Border Patrol’s law enforcement operations directorate, resigned in October amid some nasty allegations

The buggy, janky rollout of CBP’s app has highlighted discrepancies between migrants seeking exemptions to Title 42

A report from Matamoros on the CBP One app’s clunky rollout for asylum seekers hoping for Title 42 exemptions

The Biden administration’s proposed asylum ban walks back more generous language written when asylum seekers were more White and European

Venezuela, Western Hemisphere Regional

WOLA’s Carolina Jiménez on the rise of authoritarianism in the Americas