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July 13, 2022


Brazil is looking to buy as much diesel as it can from Russia and some of the deals were being closed “as recently as yesterday,” Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca said on Tuesday, without giving further details on the transactions

Para o general, apesar dessa situação, os militares vão prestar continência a quem quer que seja o presidente da República eleito


Hoy se entrega el último informe “No enreden la paz”, el documento de control político que hace este Congreso sobre la implementación del Acuerdo de Paz

Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez will seek to lay the foundation for bringing the country’s decades-long armed conflict to a close

Luis Gilberto Murillo would take Colombia’s most important diplomatic post when he’s sworn into office next month

La próxima semana un representante de “alto nivel” del Gobierno de Estados Unidos, de Joe Biden, vendrá a Colombia para reunirse con el presidente electo, Gustavo Petro


La iniciativa de ley no busca fortalecer la paz, busca dejar libres a asesinos, violadores, torturadores y esclavistas


Local humanitarian and human-rights activists say it’s still unclear how many people have been killed in the latest carnage, but Joël Janéus, the interim mayor of Cité Soleil, told the Miami Herald that at least 52 people have been killed


A month after boycotting Biden’s Western Hemisphere summit, Andrés Manuel López Obrador goes to the White House for a make-up meeting


Mexico has committed to invest $1.5 billion on border infrastructure between 2022 and 2024

Temas de largo plazo -y mucha voluntad- para resolverse. Un día alcanza sólo para la foto

Following the ongoing spike in extrajudicial killings and concerning levels of impunity, the resolution encourages the Government of Mexico to ensure thorough and impartial investigations into violence against journalists


According to Ortega, it is a “group of very elderly nuns”, who are praying to kill him, and he considers this to be a serious threat to national security

U.S.-Mexico Border

Operation Lone Star has cost taxpayers at least $4B, which Abbott says is needed to combat smuggling. Critics say it violates migrants’ civil rights

A campaign by Mexican governors, under pressure by Gov. Greg Abbott, to stem the flow of migrants from Central America and beyond to Texas has led to a surge of complaints of abuse by state authorities, including violent attacks, extortion and even forcing migrants to disembark from private buses

Little information has been released from U.S. Border Patrol about a shooting that left one person injured from apparent gunshot wounds

Sectors like El Paso still recording hundreds of daily encounters despite triple-digit heat, harsh desert terrain

“We live with this daily fear of leaving the shelter that something will happen to us,” one migrant said