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June 10, 2022

Western Hemisphere Regional

In preparation for the Summit, the United States and other countries in the region developed a suite of bold new migration-related deliverables

Biden’s summit plan echoes his Indo-Pacific strategy: rewarding and bolstering nominally democratic allies while marginalizing Chinese-aligned autocratic states

Under an accord President Biden will unveil at the Summit of the Americas, several countries commit to taking in more asylum-seekers, among other steps

President Joe Biden and other Western Hemisphere leaders on Friday announced what is being billed as a roadmap for countries to host large numbers of migrants and refugees

First regional gathering in US in quarter century marred by squabbling over who could attend


Jair Bolsonaro’s dog-whistle politics is risking the lives of Indigenous people and the reporters who tell their stories

Indigenous activists have been searching for the missing pair since just hours after they vanished, with support from armed members of the military police

The largest refuge for Indigenous tribes living in isolation is also a hotspot for poachers and illegal loggers and a major smuggling route for cocaine traffickers

It’s clear Bolsonaro would rather be meeting a different U.S. president, but finally meeting Biden (they hadn’t previously spoken) will likely help him counter the narrative that he’s isolated internationally

A staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, Bolsonaro has never disguised his displeasure at the Democrat’s victory and has sometimes publicly repeated the baseless accusation of fraud in the 2020 U.S. elections


In an operation, an “UAS Spray Team (UST)” at a base in Colombia would receive a geo-fenced polygon of the intended spray area based on high-resolution imagery or other means

In the specific context of Colombia, this ‘head in the sand’ approach is demonstrably untenable, given the risks faced by human rights defenders who highlight human rights violations caused or exacerbated by business activities

Fuentes del caso señalan que esto podría ocurrir por acciones dilatorias de los abogados de Pérez y el cambio de juez en el proceso

En un nuevo informe de Viso Mutop, Ricardo Vargas investigador asociado, explora el origen y desarrollo de los modelos de Erradicacio?n Manual Forzosa EMF

As presidential elections take way in Colombia, the Washington Office on Latin America’s (WOLA) Colombia program has continued to receive alarming information about the ongoing persecution and stigmatization against social leaders, human rights defenders, and civil society organizations in the country


Analistas ven positiva esta propuesta, pero creen que Ecuador deberá tener claro qué requiere y qué está haciendo para combatir el narcotráfico

El Salvador

Journalists in El Salvador who write about gangs can now be sent to prison. Two brothers defy the law with a story tying President Nayib Bukele to violent street gangs

Another request to set up a call with Blinken, made through the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, was similarly rebuffed


Mientras el Congreso ratificaba el estado de Sitio en Tajumulco e Ixchiguán, las fuerzas de seguridad retomaron la seguridad y descubrieron varios búnker desde donde se coordinaban ataques armados


The uptick has rekindled criticism that the Biden administration treats Black migrants differently than others, an allegation it denies



A group of about 2,000 mainly younger male migrants set out walking Thursday from the southern town of Huixtla

El pasado 6 de junio, un grupo de aproximadamente 50 personas protestaron en el patio y frente de la Estación Migratoria Siglo XXI, ante la falta de información sobre sus procedimientos migratorios, la escasez de alimentos y las restricciones de visitas y contacto con el exterio


El secuestro y desaparición de personas se ha vuelto constante en esa región; sin embargo, en la mayoría de las ocasiones los familiares no han hecho denuncias


Daniel Ortega es un aliado incondicional de Rusia desde su primer gobierno en la década de 1980


Relations with China have cooled during the Laurentino Cortizo administration due to strong criticism of infrastructure projects

U.S.-Mexico Border

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday made it nearly impossible for Americans to sue federal law enforcement officers who violate their constitutional rights, further narrowing the already limited path to hold U.S. officials accountable for even egregious misuse of their authority

  • Rafia Zakaria, Let Us Prey (The Baffler, June 10, 2022).

As Texas authorities insist on hunting down humans they call “illegal,” a predatory culture claims more victims

Three Points Station and Casa Grande Station personnel will be supporting the deployment of new Heat Stress Kits/Go-Bags that will be distributed to 500 agents


Venezuelan President Nicolas announced on Friday that a 20-year cooperation plan with Iran will be signed, as he arrived in Tehran