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June 3, 2022

Western Hemisphere Regional

Chapter IV.B mentions the States of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Guatemala, where serious human rights violations and attacks on democratic institutions are rife


Brazil is heading towards a presidential election which will have a profound impact on the country’s place in the world


Petro’s lead and Hernández’s surge dealt a heavy blow to Colombia’s traditional political machines

Dominican Republic

Al cuerpo policial le fueron sumados más de mil solda­dos de las Fuerzas Armadas, repartidos en los barrios del Gran Santo Domingo y pro­vincias del interior del país

El Salvador

The Salvadoran authorities have committed massive human rights violations during the ongoing state of emergency

Over the past 10 weeks, El Salvador’s security forces have arrested more than 36,000 people since the congress granted President Nayib Bukele the power to suspend some civil liberties to pursue powerful street gangs

Haiti, U.S.-Mexico Border

With a strong message of rejection of the migration policies implemented by the governments of the United States and Mexico, the Haitian community residing in this city lamented the death of two of its members who, in two separate events, lost their lives on May 5


Thousands of people huddled together for protection move north as leaders gather for Biden’s Summit of the Americas in LA

Here in Baja California, there’s one small unit of state police — 10 men and two women — assigned to catch them. Officially, they’re the International Liaison Unit. But they’re known by another name: the Gringo Hunters


Nicaragua’s Sandinista-controlled congress has cancelled nearly 200 nongovernmental organizations this week, ranging from a local equestrian center to the 94-year-old Nicaraguan Academy of Letters


Peru’s Amazon is being razed at an alarming rate. This investigation unravels the broad range of environmental crimes driving forest loss

U.S.-Mexico Border

About 6,000 troops were still stationed along the river as of May 27 on a state-sponsored mission known as Operation Lone Star

Carla Provost came under scrutiny during the Trump administration for child deaths in custody, family separation and her membership in a xenophobic Facebook group