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May 27, 2022

Western Hemisphere Regional

WOLA examines below recent trends in human mobility and the challenges migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers face beyond the Mexico-U.S. border


The death of a black man who was forced into a police car boot where a gas grenade was set off has sparked outrage in Brazil


Gutiérrez cuestiona a sus rivales: “Es muy fácil para un diplomático, en una embajada tomando whisky en un sofá, con aire acondicionado, hablar de que se cumpla lo que está en el papel”

Juan Larinson Castro se había fugado de la cárcel La Picota en marzo pasado y había versiones que especulaban que había sido desaparecido al interior del penal. En ese entonces, estaba por declarar sobre sus nexos con altos oficiales de la Fuerza Pública

The latest opinion polls suggest Petro could get 40% of the votes, with a 15-point lead over his closest rival

Recuperar la protección de los ciudadanos deber ser la prioridad en seguridad del nuevo Gobierno. La FIP presenta 13 ideas que buscan mejorar las condiciones de seguridad, su gobernabilidad y construir un entorno institucional con un cambio de enfoque

Iván Mordisco may have the leadership and respect needed to keep the Joint Eastern Command united. But the threat of fragmentation remains ever present

Initially introduced by Senators Menendez and Kaine in March of 2022 as the United States-Colombia Strategic Alliance Act

Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

While we may not support many of the actions taken by the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, we believe that a policy of engagement will yield more fruitful results than a continued policy of isolation


Between 2019 and May 2022, at least 22 prosecutors, judges, and human rights defenders have been forced into exile—many of them in the United States. Guatemalan authorities have also detained at least seven anti-corruption prosecutors


A sustained state effort to reduce violence and crime in Mexico should not and need not rely on methods that end up raising murder rates and multiplying criminal groups

U.S.-Mexico Border

Members of a Border Patrol special ops team killed the gunman, according to the agency, but their actions—and their complicated presence in the community—are under scrutiny

Border officials this week began referring some asylum-seeking families caught crossing the border for special screenings to see if they are likely to be harmed in the countries where they would otherwise be expelled

The rollout of the process for some arrivals at the southwestern border will be small, but could represent the tip of broad changes to the asylum system


De acuerdo con la ONG, en el país, hay 191 militares presos por razones politcas, están acusados por rebelión, traición a la patria e instigación a la rebelión