During the first five months of the 2024 fiscal year (October 2023-February 2024), people from Asia, Africa, or Europe were one out of every eight migrants whom Border Patrol apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border.

That’s never come close to happening before. Non-Americas countries are non-blue in this chart:

Annual Border Patrol Apprehensions by Region at the U.S.-Mexico Border 2024: South America 30%, Mexico 28.2%, Central America 27.8%, Africa 5%, Caribbean 2.80%, East Asia Pacific 2.75%, South and Central Asia 2.57%, All Others <2%
Since 2014: Central America 39%, Mexico 35%, South America 16%, Caribbean 6%, South/Central Asia 2%, Africa 1%, All Others <1%Data table

Here are the countries they came from (click to expand):

2024 top 100 usbp apprehensions.001.