Today (Wednesday 16th) is the second day in October during which I’ll spend all 24 hours in Washington. I was in Colombia September 30-October 11, then in New York for family reasons on the 12-14.

And tomorrow I fly back to Bogotá. I’ll be participating in a conference, hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, that will be gathering security experts from all over Latin America to talk about the current moment. It’s going to be great to see so many old colleagues, and hear from new ones. As indicated in the program, I’m on the eighth and final panel, on Saturday afternoon.

Because I’ll be mobile and in meetings, posting to this website will continue to be sporadic. For a while, in fact: between now and November 15 I’ll be in Colombia, Florida, at the U.S-Mexico border, and in Ohio. Then the travels should settle down for the remainder of the year.