It’s Saturday. Christmas is approaching. The U.S. government is partially shut down, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Let’s go off-topic.

I listen to hours of music each day, mostly while working. I also like data. I have a system of adding new music and rating songs, which—if things slow down over the holidays—perhaps I’ll explain in a post. Using that, it took just a few minutes this morning to export, from iTunes to Excel, every song to which I gave a good rating in 2018, then add up the ratings to give each album a score. And then, to sort out the albums I liked best. The result looked right to me.

So here are the 60 albums I liked best in 2018. It wasn’t a good year for a lot of things, but it was a good year for music.  May you discover something here that makes you happy.

1 Wild Pink, Yolk in the Fur (Heartland/indie rock from Brooklyn). My score: 479. Standout tracks: “Yolk in the Fur,” “Lake Erie,” “There Is a Ledger,” “The Seance on St. Augustine St.”

2 Deeper, Deeper (Rock from Chicago). My score: 444. Standout tracks: “Taxi,” Message Erased,” “Trust,” “Feels”

3 The Internet, Hive Mind (R&B/Soul from Los Angeles). My score: 365. Standout tracks: “Mood,” “Next Time / Humble Pie,” “La Di Da,” “Come Together”

4 The Beths, Future Me Hates Me (Indie pop/rock from Auckland, New Zealand). My score: 354. Standout tracks: “Less Than Thou,” “Great No One,” “River Run: Lvl 1,” “Little Death”

5 Soccer Mommy, Clean (Indie pop/rock from Nashville). My score: 328. Standout tracks: “Skin,” “Cool,” “Scorpio Rising.”

6 Flasher, Constant Image (Alternative/indie from DC). My score: 324. Standout tracks: “Pressure,” “Punching Up,” “Who’s Got Time?,” “Sun Come and Golden”

7 Ólafur Arnalds, re:member (Classical crossover/ambient from Mosfellsbær, Iceland). My score: 311. Standout tracks: “inconsist,” “ekki hugsa,” “re:member”

8 Teenage Wrist, Chrome Neon Jesus (Alternative/shoegaze from Los Angeles). My score: 311. Standout tracks: “Chrome Neon Jesus,” “Black Flamingo,” “Stoned, Alone”

9 The Hold Steady, singles released throughout the year: “Eureka,” “Confusion In The Marketplace,” “The Stove & The Toaster,” “Entitlement Crew” (Alternative/indie rock from Brooklyn). My score: 276.

10 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Hope Downs (Indie pop/rock from Melbourne, Australia). My score: 269. Standout tracks: “How Long?” “Talking Straight,” “An Air Conditioned Man,” “Mainland”

11 Kacey Musgraves, Golden Hour (Country/pop from Mineola, Texas). My score: 263. Standout tracks: “Slow Burn,” “Lonely Weekend,” “High Horse”

12 Dirty Projectors, Lamp Lit Prose (Indie/art rock from Brooklyn).My score: 218. Standout tracks: “Break-Thru,” “Right Now (feat. Syd),” “Zombie Conqueror (feat. Empress Of),” “That’s A Lifestyle”

13 Hatchie, Sugar and Spice EP (Dream pop from Brisbane, Australia). My score: 216. Standout tracks: “Sure,” “Sleep,” “Sugar & Spice”

14 Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Indie/folk rock from Philadelphia). My score: 213. Standout tracks: “Prior Things,” “One That Suits Me”

15 Snail Mail, Lush (Indie rock from Baltimore suburbs). My score: 213. Standout tracks: “Pristine,” “Heat Wave,” “Full Control”

16 Janelle Monáe, Dirty Computer (Funk/R&B from Atlanta). My score: 213. Standout tracks: “Crazy, Classic, Life,” “I Got The Juice (feat. Pharrell Williams)”

17 Mitski, Be the Cowboy (Indie rock from New York City). My score: 211. Standout tracks: “Me and My Husband,” “Geyser,” “A Pearl”

18 Jon Hopkins, Singularity (Electronic/IDM from UK). My score: 193. Standout tracks: “Everything Connected (Edit),” “Emerald Rush,” “Luminous Beings”

19 Death Cab for Cutie, Thank You for Today (Indie pop/rock from Bellingham, Washington). My score: 184. Standout tracks: “Gold Rush,” “When We Drive”

20 J Mascis, Elastic Days (Alternative rock from Amherst, Massachusetts). My score: 183. Standout tracks: “Sky Is All We Had,” “Everything She Said,” “See You at the Movies”

21 Roosevelt, Young Romance (Indie electronic synth-pop from Viersen, Germany). My score: 183. Standout tracks: “Getaway,” “Illusions,” “Losing Touch”

22 The Essex Green, Hardly Electronic (Indie pop/rock from Brooklyn and Vermont). My score: 174. Standout tracks: “The 710,” “Waikiki”

23 CHVRCHES, Love Is Dead (Indie synth-pop from Glasgow, Scotland). My score: 172. Standout tracks: “Deliverance,” “Graves.”

24 Aterciopelados, Claroscura (Latin alternative/rock en español from Bogotá, Colombia). My score: 171. Standout tracks: “Ay Ombe (Vamo’ a Relajar el Pony) [feat. Jorge Celedón],” “Soñemos un Bosque,” “Despierta Mujer.”

25 Israel Nash, Lifted (Indie rock from Dripping Springs, Texas). My score: 162. Standout tracks: “Sweet Springs,” “Rolling On,” “Looking Glass”

26 Lala Lala, The Lamb (Indie rock from Chicago). My score: 160. Standout tracks: “Destroyer,” “Dropout.”

27 Jenn Champion, Single Rider (Alternative from Seattle). My score: 159. Standout tracks: “Hustle,” “Time to Regulate (Gold Brother Remix).”

28 boygenius, boygenius EP (Alternative/folk rock from Memphis, Richmond, and Pasadena). My score: 150. Standout tracks: “Stay Down,” “Me & My Dog.”

29 lovelytheband, Finding It Hard to Smile (Indie pop/rock from Los Angeles). My score: 149. Standout tracks: “Your Whatever,” “Pity Party.”

30 Cumulus, Comfort World (Indie pop from Seattle). My score: 142. Standout tracks: “Retreat,” “Light & Sound”

31 Golden Drag, Pink Sky (Indie pop/rock from Toronto). My score: 142. Standout tracks: “’17 Til Infinity,” “Shoot the Breeze”

32 Oh Pep! I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You… (Pop from Melbourne, Australia). My score: 142. Standout tracks: “What’s the Deal With David?,” “Bleeding Hearts”

33 Bodega, Endless Scroll (Indie rock from Brooklyn). My score: 141. Standout tracks: “Jack in Titanic,” “Williamsburg Bridge”

34 Our Girl, Stranger Today (Indie pop/rock from Brighton, UK). My score: 141. Standout tracks: “I Really Like It,” “Our Girl”

35 Lori McKenna, The Tree (Americana/folk from Stoughton, Massachusetts). My score: 139. Standout tracks: “The Lot Behind St. Mary’s,” “Young and Angry Again”

36 Bad Moves, Tell No One (Indie power-pop from DC). My score: 128. Standout tracks: “Spirit FM,” “Cool Generator”

37 illuminati hotties, Kiss Yr Frenemies (Indie pop/rock from Los Angeles). My score: 118. Standout tracks: “Shape of My Hands,” “For Cheez (My Friend, Not the Food)”

38 Katie Ellen, Still Life EP (Indie pop/punk from Philadelphia). My score: 118. Standout tracks: “Lighthouse,” “City / Country”

39 The Decemberists, I’ll Be Your Girl (Indie folk/pop from Portland). My score: 118. Standout tracks: “Once In My Life,” “Everything Is Awful”

40 Yo La Tengo, There’s a Riot Going On (Indie pop/rock from Hoboken, New Jersey). My score: 118. Standout tracks: “For You Too,” “Polynesia #1”

41 Courtney Barnett, Tell Me How You Really Feel (Indie pop/rock from Melbourne, Australia). My score: 109. Standout tracks: “City Looks Pretty,” “Sunday Roast,” “Help Your Self”

42 Lawrence, Living Room (Soul/pop from New York City). My score: 108. Standout tracks: “More,” “Try”

43 Long Neck, Will This Do? (Indie rock from Jersey City, New Jersey). My score: 108. Standout tracks: “Elizabeth,” “Love Letters”

44 The Spirit of the Beehive, Hypnic Jerks (Indie rock from Philadelphia). My score: 108. Standout tracks: “(Without You) In My Pocket,” “Mantra Is Repeated”

45 Ovlov, Tru (Indie rock from Newtown, Connecticut). My score: 106. Standout tracks: “Baby Alligator,” “Grab It From the Garden”

46 Beach House, 7 (Dream pop from Baltimore). My score: 105. Standout track: “Dive”

47 Menace Beach, Black Rainbow Sound (Indie rock from Leeds, UK). My score: 105. Standout track: “Black Rainbow Sound (feat. Brix Smith)”

48 Let’s Eat Grandma, I’m All Ears (Art pop from Norwich, UK). My score: 96. Standout tracks: “I Will Be Waiting,” “Donnie Darko”

49 Amanda Shires, To the Sunset (Americana/alt-country from Lubbock, Texas). My score: 95. Standout track: “Leave It Alone”

50 Michael Rault, It’s a New Day Tonight (Indie power-pop from Montreal, Canada). My score: 95. Standout track: “I’ll Be There”

51 Deafheaven, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Post-metal from San Francisco). My score: 86. Standout tracks: “You Without End,” “Near”

52 Hilang Child, Years (Indie pop from London, UK). My score: 86. Standout tracks: “Sleepwalk,” “Rot”

53 Madeline Kenney, Perfect Shapes (Indie rock from Oakland). My score: 86. Standout tracks: “Perfect Shapes,” “Cut Me Off”

54 Anemone, Baby Only You & I (Psychedelic/dream pop from Montreal, Canada). My score: 85. Standout track: “Bout De Toi (Dub Remix #4)”

55 LCD Soundsystem, Some Remixes (Electronic/dance punk from Brooklyn). My score: 85. Standout track: “oh baby (lovefingers remix)”

56 Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth (Jazz from Los Angeles). My score: 83. Standout track: “Tiffakonkae”

57 Colleen Green, Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops (Indie pop-punk from Los Angeles). My score: 76. Standout tracks: “Disco,” “Here It Comes”

58 Paul White, Rejuvenate (Electronic from London, UK). My score: 76. Standout tracks: “Ice Cream Man (Gum & Ginoli Remix),” “Soul Reunion”

59 Shannen Moser, I’ll Sing (Folk from Philadelphia). My score: 76. Standout tracks: “The Ballad of Freddie Jones,” “Pleasentville”

60 S.Q.U.I.D., Waves EP (Dance/electronic from Wroclaw, Poland). My score: 76. Standout tracks: “33333,” “Stranger”