What do we know right now (7:30 Wednesday morning)? We know that Biden has narrow leads in Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, and outstanding ballots look good for him in Michigan, probably Georgia, and perhaps Pennsylvania. We know that Donald Trump wants to litigate. We know that polls are hot garbage. We know that historic voter turnout doesn’t turn the country leftward, as many had assumed.

For the moment, on 7:30 Wednesday morning, there’s little that most of us can do about this. The ballots keep trickling in, and most of what’s out there favors Biden. They’ll get counted when they get counted—we’re in a pandemic, this takes time. We’re just going to have to wait.

While we wait, unless we’re part of the logistical or legal machinery of ballot counting, or covering it as a journalist, there’s nothing more to do about it.

Catch up on sleep if, like me, you didn’t get much last night. Have a cup of coffee. Call a friend. Read a book—not the news, a book. Sit with your family. Go for a walk. Check in every so often on that trickle of ballots, sure, but not every few minutes.

Obviously, if the president manages to get a court to throw out voters’ valid ballots, everything changes. The time for waiting around ends, and the time to defend democracy begins. That will most likely happen in the streets, and that’s where we’ll most likely have to be, again.

Until and unless that happens, though, the pace has slowed down. For the moment, as of early Wednesday morning, nothing about this is in your control, or mine. Take it easy and do your best.