My website is non-commercial and not doing anything creepy. I’m not saving or sharing your data. I’m not all that interested in you, really.

The site is built on the WordPress content management system, though, which means there are cookies involved. If you post a comment, it asks some information from you to make sure you’re not a spammer. (Here is the cookie policy from WordPress’s parent company, Automattic.)

I also use Google Analytics. Both WordPress and GA tell me how many people visit the site, and where in the world they come from. I can tell how many views each post gets, but I can’t tell who you are or which pages you’ve viewed.

I stopped using Google Analytics and turned off WordPress analytics in late 2019: they slow down the site and they’re creepy, too. So I’m not tracking anything about you at all.

No trackers, beacons, or anything else gathering data on you.