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September 13, 2017


The report could provide additional evidence for a second formal corruption accusation against Temer in as many months

Political scholars say Cunha has so much dirt on so many politicians that virtually all of Brazil’s political power brokers could be doomed


La salida del exjefe guerrillero revela la compleja situación que enfrentan los mandos medios que ni fueron jefes máximos, ni tropa rasa

La Fiscalía tenía a su cargo 2.760 procesos de ejecuciones extrajudiciales en los que estaban involucrados miembros de la Fuerza Pública, los cuales habían dejado 3.185 víctimas

La impunidad, el lado ‘oscuro’ de la inteligencia estatal y la incapacidad de otorgar medidas satisfactorias de protección, conforman la triada que tiene contra las cuerdas a los defensores de derechos humanos

El Salvador, Honduras

Democratic and Republican Members of Congress ask Acting Secretary of Homeland Security to renew program due to dire conditions in Honduras and El Salvador


Oscar Pérez, Director General de Prensa del Ejército confirmó a periodistas que desde enero de 2017 se entregan mensualmente 50.000 quetzales (unos 6.849 dólares) de “bono extraordinario de responsabilidad” a Morales por ser Comandante General del Ejército


President Trump hasn’t always been exacting and consistent in expressing his vision. Yet a lot of confusion is being caused by media reports

The visit by Mattis also comes amid signs of improving U.S.-Mexican cooperation in cracking down on the heroin trade

The United States should not release this portion of aid to Mexico, given the country’s lack of progress in meeting the human rights requirements included in the assistance package

Un comparativo que hizo Proceso con el primer año de gobierno de los priistas Javier Duarte y Fidel Herrera, revela que el gobierno de Yunes Linares tiene mayores índices delictivos en homicidios, secuestros y robo de autos


William Brownfield told the U.S. Senate’s international drug caucus that trafficking organizations in Venezuela have “completely penetrated virtually every security, law enforcement and justice-related institution”

Faced with this multitude of challenges and limited resources, Varela adopted a new policy to fulfill her mission. She simply befriended the most important pranes and started making deals with them.What they wanted, and got, was power

The collapse of the judiciary has left victims of torture, killings and disappearances and their families without recourse to justice after months of violent street protests, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) said

The opposition’s main coalition issued a tepid statement warning that no new dialogue had begun, but saying it was sending a delegation after an invitation from the Dominican president

Western Hemisphere Regional

Not only would these tools endanger the privacy rights of Americans living near the border, but they would do nothing to curb illegal immigration

The administration does not “want to bind ourselves into a construct that makes reaching a conclusion on DACA impossible.”

President Donald Trump is sending public and private signals that he is ready to deal on legislation protecting young undocumented immigrants and won’t demand funding for a border wall

It makes you want to grab them by the shoulders: Don’t you know you can’t do this anymore without getting caught?