Ronaldo Schemidt/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images photo at The New York Times. Caption: “A building that collapsed after a quake rattled Mexico City on Tuesday.”

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September 20, 2017


Bolsonaro is an avid advocate to a return of generals to the highest public office. After more than two decades advocating for a return to military rule, his rhetoric is finally catching up to public opinion


Brownfield, que tan solo la semana pasada había cuestionado la estrategia que ha desarrollado el gobierno para enfrentar el problema, se refirió a esta como un “buen plan” que se ha venido implementando en estos últimos siete meses


El anuncio de su renuncia llega un día antes del paro nacional convocado para el 20 de septiembre en contra del Gobierno y el Congreso

Haiti, Mexico

The Mexican government has welcomed them with visas that help them fill the need for labor in Tijuana’s growing economy


In this report, you can watch aerial video of every foot of the border, explore every piece of fence, even stand at the border in virtual reality

Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said buildings fell at 44 places in the capital alone as high-rises across the city swayed sickeningly

The director of Mexico’s civil protection agency, Luis Felipe Puente, said on Twitter that 216 people had been killed, revising an earlier toll of 248


For the US, Maduro’s increasing authoritarianism and refusal to reform his economy represents a major geopolitical and humanitarian challenge

He did not repeat an earlier threat to consider military options to pressure Venezuela, a day after dining with the leaders of four Latin American countries who made clear they would not support such action

Western Hemisphere Regional

The shift to Commerce could increase sales by 15-20 percent annuallyÓ