Mario Tama/Getty Images photo at The Intercept. Caption: “The Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home to more than 100,000 people.”

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September 26, 2017


The favela sits nestled between three of the wealthiest residential areas of the city, so when the shooting starts in Rocinha, the national and international media sit up and pay attention


A las puertas de cárceles en Estados Unidos quedan desde ya 21 de las 14.178 personas incluidas en las listas de las Farc para recibir los beneficios de los acuerdos de paz

En su mayoría, como lo reveló SEMANA, se trata de miembros de bandas como la Constru, de Putumayo, que aunque es considerada una organización criminal común, tenía alianzas y negocios con las Farc

The Colombian Congress still has to pass a law that will give a green light to the JEP, truth commission, and search unit, and they only have 45 more days to do it through the legislative “Fast Track” route

El Salvador

Hours earlier, the US Treasury Department had labeled him a leader of the MS13 street gang. Without presenting proof, US officials accused him of various misdeeds and criminalized all financial dealings with him


To date, not much is coming along besides the samples, repairs and some upgrading of what’s already in place

The re-negotiation of the landmark trade deal will shape the country’s future

Con esa acción los profesores demandaron al gobernador Héctor Astudillo Flores que deje de asumir una actitud omisa ante la situación de inseguridad y violencia que se vive en las regiones Centro y Montaña


There is still a way to salvage a regional response to the Venezuela nightmare: disband the OAS and replace it with a body no longer dominated by small Caribbean countries

Among those affected are members of Venezuela’s interior ministry, justice department, foreign ministry, the CIPIC criminal investigation unit and the SEBIN Bolivarian National Intelligence Service

Western Hemisphere Regional

The administration is set to issue regulations that would significantly reduce oversight and transparency on small-arms exports to governments and private businesses in about three dozen countries