Desmond Boylan / AP photo at The Miami Herald. Caption: “Staff stand within the United States embassy facility in Havana, Cuba, Friday, Sept. 29, 2017.”

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October 3, 2017


The four aircraft are part of the 12 units operations plus spares and additional support equipment, which apparently were acquired at a cost of US$ 167 million


This city famous for both its glamorous beaches and its sprawling slums is experiencing a wave of violence that’s the worst in a decade

Central America Regional, Dominican Republic

Central American service members are given exhaustive instruction on human rights and international humanitarian law


A new mother and former FARC fighter, an ex-FARC commander, a peace worker and senator reflect on 2016 peace accord


“Cuba is not upholding its commitments of the Vienna convention, of protecting diplomats,” said a U.S. source

Tensions between the two neighbors have been escalating amid serious U.S. concern about the unexplained attacks on Americans in Havana

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

El 92 % de las personas que en México aseguran huir de la muerte vienen de tres países: Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala, en ese orden


He’s so far defeated bids in Congress to strip his immunity from prosecution, but anti-government protests have grown and his support in the legislature has dwindled

Desde inicio del gobierno, el mandatario delegó más funciones en la entidad castrense que dirigió Ralda Moreno, las asignaciones fueron desde la construcción de escritorios, hasta la reparación de carreteras


A construction crew used a crane to hoist a 30-foot tall border fence section into place just a few dozen feet north of Mexico

Puerto Rico

Only Thursday did the Northern Command announce that it was “adjusting” from a small seaborne operation to a larger airlift, emphasizing big cargo planes


The rebound followed several rounds of sanctions by U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration as well as a sharp drop-off in four months of violent anti-government protests