Dolores Ochoa – AP photo at The Miami Herald. Caption: “Demonstrators hold photos of Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa and current Vice President Jorge Glas outside the Supreme Court in Quito, Ecuador, Monday, Oct. 2, 2017. Ecuador’s Supreme Court has ordered Glas held in jail while he is investigated for allegedly taking bribes from a Brazilian construction giant involved in a sprawling regional graft scandal.”

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October 4, 2017


With the legendary figure now behind bars, InSight Crime looks at what might come next for Brazil’s criminal landscape

Central America Regional

Public transportation is particularly vulnerable in the Northern Triangle, with 50% of Hondurans, 47% of Guatemalans, and 42% of Salvadorans avoiding it for fear of crime


El proceso de reintegración podría complicarse, lo que se traduciría en nuevos escenarios de riesgo

Se trata de un grupo al mando de alias ‘Mordisco’, ex integrante del Frente 6 de las Farc

Evidenció por primera vez los estragos que ha dejado la minería ilegal en la salud de las comunidades que viven a orillas de los ríos Inírida, Atabapo y Guanía


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly protests and condemns this unfounded and unacceptable decision as well as the pretext used to justify it, for it has been asserted that the Cuban Government did not take the appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of the alleged incidents


Glas, who was also Correa’s vice president, has always been seen as something of a political placeholder — the man charged with guarding Correa’s reputation until he could retake the presidency


Manuel Baldizón duplicó su patrimonio acumulando propiedades por al menos Q280 millones (US$30 millones) durante sus dos campañas presidenciales


“Any potential deal on DACA has to include robust border security, and by that I don’t mean a wall,” Grassley said during a Judiciary Committee hearing

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), who attended Monday night’s White House meeting, noted there was no “specific discussion” of tying a border wall to a DACA fix

Esta cifra es la suma de todas las inconsistencias detectadas por esta dependencia desde 2001 y no aclaradas hasta el momento

Experts are divided about the possibility of a political awakening in a nation where the vast majority of citizens, according to polls in both the United States and Mexico, already view politics and their leaders dismally


Demus sostiene que su informe contiene pruebas que no habían sido consideradas hasta ahora por la Fiscalía para demostrar el carácter irregular o forzoso de las esterilizaciones

Puerto Rico

The president told residents to be “very proud” they hadn’t endured a “real catastrophe” like Katrina

General Honoré said that by this point, he would have moved 50,000 troops to Puerto Rico


Time and again, the opposition has faced dire challenges from the government, bravely confronted them, and failed

Western Hemisphere Regional

Latin American people believe that left-wing governments were good at distributing the wealth generated in the years of the fatty cows, but they have yet to be convinced that right-wing governments can provide solutions in the years of skinny cows