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October 12, 2017


Troops who are increasingly being pressed into service to fight urban drug gangs will face a military tribunal, rather than a civilian court, if they are accused of killing civilians, under the new legislation

Brazilians have remained trapped between a left that believes effective law enforcement is tantamount to dictatorship-style repression, and a right that believes it consists of sending shock troops into favelas to shoot things up

Central America Regional

“I do not see any evidence that the people making these policies are doing anything except taking advantage of people’s misconceptions about gangs to further their anti-immigration agenda”


The Development and Integral Action and Support Battalions (BAAID, per its Spanish acronym) were born, responsible for creating social change, reactivating the economy in areas where illegal armed groups had a presence, and strengthening institutions and governance

Eso, al menos, es lo afirma un documento del Departamento de Estado titulado ‘Certificación relacionada con el financiamiento militar extranjero para Colombia’

Dice que si una norma futura de implementación viola “los fines y el espíritu” del Acuerdo Final será declarada inexequible por la Corte

Las coincidencias entre estos protagonistas fueron posibles tras una reunión de más de seis horas

La misión de la ONU desplegará sus observadores internacionales en 33 municipios de los más afectados por el conflicto con el Eln. Mientras tanto, la Iglesia católica tendrá el papel de dar acompañamiento a través de 20 diócesis

Colombia, Venezuela

Durante los últimos tres meses, en la frontera de Cúcuta se ha presentado una balacera cada seis días

According to Colombia’s migration authority, the number of foreigners entering Cucuta, the first major city across the bridge, more than doubled this summer. Over 50,000 came in August, up from 22,700 in June


The perpetrators of the alleged attacks on U.S. officials apparently wanted the U.S. and Cuban people to drift apart again


El comisionado presentó el décimo informe de labores con una sola idea en mente: continuar junto al MP el proceso de erradicación de las mafias en el Estado de Guatemala

Ríos Montt will not be present in the courtroom, since he has been found to suffer from dementia. As a result, the court has applied special provisions to his case


Mexico’s economy and foreign ministers have flagged that Mexico will reconsider U.S.-Mexico cooperation on security and migration, if the United States abandons NAFTA and relations become unbalanced

The State of Mexico officially ranks second to the nation’s capital with 346 killings classified as femicides since 2011, according to government statistics


As often happened during the reign of former president Hugo Chávez — who named Maduro his successor before his death in 2013 — food baskets are being doled out to hungry voters at pro-government rallies

Including Venezuela in the otherwise unrelated travel ban fits with this unilateral trend and adds to the sense that a frustrated White House is throwing things at the wall and hoping something will stick