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October 19, 2017


Polls predict Mr Macri’s coalition could win close to 40 per cent of the national vote, an improvement on the 34 per cent it won in the presidential race, and extend its control over congress


Según informó la Defensoría del Pueblo, José Jair tenía medidas de protección de la Unidad Nacional de Protección. Aún así, fue asesinado después de que salió del casco urbano de Tumaco

El crimen ocurrió a pesar de que contaba con esquema de seguridad de la Unidad Nacional de Protección (UNP) y de que los líderes de ese territorio colectivo habían denunciado la situación extrema

Given the history of government neglect, lack of infrastructure, a total absence of any level of technical support for the communities and ongoing threats from paramilitary groups operating in the area, the prospects do not look so good

Según OCHA y fuentes gubernamentales, las acciones armadas se presentaron un día después de los confusos hechos del 6 de octubre en una zona rural de Tumaco

La intensificación de la erradicación forzada y el ataque de la fuerza pública a los campesinos cocaleros le asestan un golpe mortal a este propósito. Lo más grave es que esto puede ocurrir en otros 10 sitios claves


The accusations about political ties to drug trafficking will undoubtedly play a key role in the run-up to the late November vote


Cuellar has long sought $92 million in funding over five years for Operation Border SMART (Strategic Mobile And Response Team), a virtual wall that uses technology and boots on the ground as an alternative to a wall

There are indeed border security policies that are cost-effective, reasonable, humane and deserving of support from both parties. Congress would do well to pursue these

Purchase documents link the home to Javier Duarte, the former governor of the state of Veracruz in southeastern Mexico, a confidential source confirmed


This is Venezuela, where even feckless leaders have an afterlife, and opponents must convince their rank and file that casting a vote isn’t a fool’s errand

President Nicolás Maduro’s opponents must decide whether the ballot box can still serve as an effective tool against the regime

By appealing to opposition supporters who abstained Sunday, Ms. Machado and her allies could create a parallel opposition coalition to rival Democratic Unity